Van Life Begins Again

And so the journey begins again.. There was no doubt that it wouldn’t.. after having owned Vanny, Skully, Storm Trooper, A Lucid Dream, and Lily (who was in fact a beautiful 1970 Bedford House bus), all in New Zealand over the space of 5 or so years, and who all played their part in showing us the beauty of simplistic living and freedom traveling, it was time now, this time UK style, to make a new addition to the family.

After several months of winter, long dark and gloomy days, the thing that got us through was the renovations of our lovely new Citroen Dispatch, Daphne. Bought from a lovely man who’s Dad it had belonged to, sadly he passed away and his dream was to finish converting it and taking it for a road trip to Scotland. The hours he would have spent on that van, let alone the time and effort that we too put in, to transform her into a truly spectacular campervan, could only be fuelled by that of love. A love for freedom. A love for simple lifestyle, for travel, for nature, for life. One thing van life has taught me over the years is that, wherever you think you’re going in life, you are already there, you are already home. Every new parking spot next to every new river, ocean, mountain, lake stumbled across, brings about that true sense of knowing, that no matter where you are, no matter where you go.. you are at home in nature. Van life breaks you away from the conformities of life. It lets you break free from the chains of a rat race so many of us are stuck in, because it lets you be, truly who you are, it lets you discover who you want to become, it brings back your authenticity, your passion, your inner child. I urge you to take the leap, at least once in your life. One thing I can promise you, is that you will never be the same.

Today’s The Day

We woke up to a GLORIOUS 23 degree STUNNER of a day. Here in England, at this time of year!? On the day we choose to embark upon a 2 week journey North! Could not have planned it better.. best thing was, it isn’t even that planned! 2 weeks ago we just decided, and here we are. What better place to travel to first, in this groovy wee campervan, than SCOTLAND. A tribute to the previous owner, taking that beautiful van up to where he always wanted to go but never got the chance. This one’s for you, mate.

First stop to be Lake District. We arrived at Keswick around 7pm. We drove around briefly looking for somewhere to camp whilst admiring the views of the lake. Found one place right on the waters edge, Kettlewell National Trust Car Park, but wanted to scope out the area so went for a little drive around and found another place, just to see what it was like. Well the £27.50 per night put us off for a start! The whole reason to live in a campervan is to not pay for accommodation! Anyway, it was clear that the decision had been made so we headed back down to the first spot by the lake. There were just a couple of people there, some in kayaks, and making fires. We made dinner, sat by the lake and made a little fire of our own. Bats swooping down nibbling at the surface of the water for their dinner as the sun was setting, the lake mirroring its reflection and absorbing the last of the day. Sitting here with a couple of beers watching the moon rise to its crescent shape and we suddenly felt at home again. Van life is home, always has been and always will be. Our first night in this van in the United Kingdom and what a blissful way to begin.

by Julie Faulkner


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