Loch Rannoch, Perth, Glencoe to Lammond Lagoon (Loch Lochy)

Rainy morning so we packed everything up and continued to drive around the rest of Loch Rannoch. Came across a herd of deer jumping fences and crossing the road in front of us. Never seen deer this close before. Beautiful misty morning. Came across Rannoch Forest Reserve Carie (Caraidh), and stopped to make some breakfast. Weather cleared up before long and we went for a walk in a forest where wolves once lived. Did the Kilvrecht Track, beautiful moss covered the trees and forest floor. Very magical. Came across a grave on the side of the path with a stone saying ‘RIP Unknown Forester 2016’.

Loch Rannoch, Kilvrecht Track

Drove the rest of the way around Loch Rannoch and headed over towards Perth to meet friends Stu and Maree and their little baby Finn. Took the A9. Stopped at a beautiful lookout found another reserve to walk along the way towards Perth. Met up with Stu and Maree and had a late lunch at a café there. So amazing to see them and meet their little monkey Finn! Perth was a beautiful little town. Picked up some supplies from a local health shop, Nutritional Yeast being at the top of the list of course, and set off up North.

Up the A82 through Glencoe. It was about 8pm when driving through, the sun was setting and it was so rainy and misty. So atmospheric, just bare land for miles and towering mountains 360 degrees still snow capped and absolutely stunning. Sunlight trying to peak through the clouds and a few rainbows to make it even more magical. Up through Fort William and up the West side of Loch Lochy, arriving at about 8.30pm where we found the camping spot at the North end of the loch where Mum and Dad stayed in 1978. Lammond Lagoon. We saw a barge parked up in the canal, converted to restaurant and bar, so went and had a pint. £4 each! Very very cool pub, lots of quirky things including light sabers to play with. Headed back to the van, and made a quick meal before bed.

by Julie Faulkner

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