Drummond Hill to Loch Rannoch

Woke up and went for a walk, did part of the Taymouth Trail, to a lookout with stunning views of Loch Tay. Saw our first Red Squirrel run past us on the path. Drummond Woods is where modern Scottish forestry began. Sir Duncan Campbell ordered the hill to be planted with oak, birch and scots pine between 1538 and 1631. World war I saw the forest felled. It was replanted by a fledgling forest commission.

Drummond Hill Reserve


Drummond Hill Reserve Lookout View


Heading down the weather was packing in so we head to the Loch Tay Marina to the Hot Box Sauna! For just £10 each unlimited use of this beautiful woodfired sauna right on the lake front with x2 plunge buckets to tip over yourself and a slide going down right into the loch! So beautiful with the mountains in the distance and had the whole place to ourselves. Spent a good 2 hours here then headed up to Kilmore, made some lunch and chilled out a bit then headed up to Loch Rannoch and drove around it, starting from the North side and found a beautiful spot to camp not far from Bridge of Ericht. Beautiful sandy lake front and no one in sight. A beautifully quiet and still clear night.

Loch Rannoch Camp Spot

by Julie Faulkner

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